Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday, December 10, 2010

how flawless can you be ?

doing my whitening mask , because i bored to the max . FML :D
so after the mask i look like the pic below lolololooo
NAH just joking ! pic above i got my powder on but no edit ok
dont go think * eleh another edited pic * but srsly la no one look flawless after a mask
except baby .

nah ! totally non edit wan ah after my mask, get shock will you ?
ok la no cons no make up a dull plain face * frown* eyes semall dou you cant find my eyes.
just jk lololoo . see my eyes , one side double eyelid one side x da , its natural i din put any eye putti
my maaaaaask . you : eeew

Monday, December 6, 2010

Anime freaks .

yes i'm back to my blog again, i'm trying loook 'dao kei' (kiddo) up there but i turn out i look so freaking "so high". and this pic have nothing to do with the topic .
i'm back from this certain idleness , whats keeping me idle is totally not because of my boyfie , was actually some anime that keep me so addicted to the max .

Inuyasha , not sure how much of you guys heard of it , its not as famous as bleach and naruto etc etc but i like this since 2006(inuyasha) i'm still a huge huge fan of it . inuyasha ep was not that long compare to naruto, bleach, one piece , gundam and all , its only about 167 and the inuyasha final act , can finish it around 1 month if you watch
continuously with mad spirit .

this story was probably about a half dog demon from the feudal era and a girl ( kagome ) from the future fall into a well -.- which she teleport to the feudal era of japan

ok larh today topic was mainly about anime freak so i dont wana waste my time pulling on the story of the anime i'm watching . First , i'm a anime freak tooooooooooooo like in the year 2005 2006 and was addicted to all japanese culture a all those punk and lolita dressing which last time know as harajuku fashion huh ? and i would save ALL those awesome anime wallpaper and imagine myself to a anime world and being the character i like and those etc etc habits of a anime freak . Now i'm not much of a anime person .

Those who like anime probably found it , anime character are BEAUTIFUL they are so well drawn , Huge eye , skinny body , flawless face . Not to mention there's also people who think anime freaks are FREAKS -.- why you ppl so disgracefull wan ?! but sometimes just dont broke ppl hearts , not only japanese ppl can like anime ok . But japanese win the nicest cosplay

you ppl can just admit that japanese win the best cosplayer kayh they can bring out an feeling that anime came alive
so here's the fact that western ppl doesnt cosplay so well . but i do found some that are pretty good just 'some' not as much as japanese . picture above make me cry if yuna really look like that in reality .* i'm being so disgracefull*

malaysian cosplayer can still keep up the good work , i think malaysian cosplayer can do better each year .

Thursday, November 25, 2010


i guess i'm not really get along with this On-Hiatus thing , because i can see him online waaaaaaaay too often cause of that i cancel my on hiatus already *smile* . skip that part . Lately I've sleeping disorder but definitely not these :

i got INSOMNIA . some of my friends have these over sleep habits during holiday include me of course when we can sleep for more than 10 hours or may MORE ! bwahahaha ! and having problem sleeping at night where you CANT fall asleep and rolling in your bed like a hot dog for hours and hours . I guess the only thing is to set bunch of alarms to make sure you have less then 10 hours of sleep . *cries*

sometimes i would dream of dreams that make me wouldn't want to wake up , Iceeee creaaaame
or OMG prince charming *____* ! ( continue sleep )

Monday, November 22, 2010

On hiatus . bye bye !

a little art of mine

i'm gonna be on hiatus for 4 weeks :) that will also because of my dear bf , since he cant be there for me yet cause he is facing this damm 4weeks exam , so it best for me to get away from this damm comp and get a life while waiting for that good day come :) 16th of dec 2010 end of his exam , so this will also be an opportunity to get myself studying during holidays (damm my life is boring) he study i study :) fair huh ? so i'm gonna wish him all the best for SPM so does ALL the Form Fai !

Bai bai Faceboook, MSN , Twitter !
my blog might still be updating .. so stay tune if you want no forcy forcy :)